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Serveur Minecraft Football-Craft

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=[===[=( FootballCraft )=]===]= * Lega Di Soldi *

Site Web: https://fbc.enjin.com

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Présentation du serveur Football-Craft

FBC is a one of a kind unique football (or soccer) server out there. Not many servers are dedicated to soley the ArenaFutbol Plugin, and we are one of the few professional servers who are. We are also investing in a new plugin as well. FBC is hosted in Paris, which means some good ping for Europeans, and decent for Americians as well. Our server has a good vast community among the forums and ingame.

We also host a weekly football league, called the MFL, more information can be found about that on the site. Weekly tournaments are also a regular thing. Another thing that makes FBC unique, is that we have a plotworld where players can build their own stadiums with purchased or rank permission, or make whatever they wish.

We have also included a new amusemant park, MINEMIOS, and a PET SHOP.

So be sure to go on the server and say hi ;)

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